Kaleigh Wright
University of Georgia | New Media Institute

Lynda Assingment

I watched Lynda videos in the course titled "Boostrap 3: Adding Interactivity to Your Site" by Jen Kramer. Prior to watching these videos, I felt like I had a solid basic understanding of Bootstrap. I used Bootstrap to create the homepage of my website and my digital resume, so I have had a lot of practice with Bootstrap. I wanted to learn more about what Bootstrap offers.

The videos in this course teach a variety of ways to make your website more interactive and inviting. One of the first elements added was an image gallery. Then, when you click on an image in the gallery, a small pop up window would appear with more information on the image. This could be a good idea to implement into a portfolio. You could provide a description in the pop up window and a link that would take you to that item in the portfolio, instead of a picture directly linking to another page.